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    Originally posted by mr_e View Post
    Merry Christmas... I just gave you a few more... ;-)
    So YOU'RE the beautiful bastard you surprised me with an additional two sales when I woke up this morning, eh? Thanks man, I dearly hope you like them! Didn't manage to reach my goal of 100+ free downloads but got 79, it would seem, so that's still great! All in all, $16.99CAD for April 27th, 2016. Far and away my most profitable day yet! Last night was a like a drunken dream, I couldn't believe it! Gotta get around to starting that 7th book. I've not written anything for, what, 3-4 days now? Shockin'! Cheers buddy, thanks a lot, this is absolutely incredible!


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      Just a heads-up, got some of my books for free today if anyone's interested. "Another One Please, to Dull the Pain" is particularly MGTOW-inspired and will be free from May 15th-16th. My other first three books I ever wrote are also free on the 15th. Fifth book (Living amongst the Dead: Dark Days) which is a sequel to my first book, also has a Kindle Countdown promotion in the UK; 0.99 British Pounds from the 15th-21st. Pretty much a full week. For anyone who checks out my books, I hope you like them!